The Highs and Lows of the Hyper-Engaged Volunteer

They’re hard-working and competent and they get stuff done. They’re the hyper-engaged, super-volunteers who form the backbone of community groups and volunteer organizations across our city. There’s at least one involved with the parent council at your children’s school, your neighbourhood community association and more than a few with the local charities you support. Without them, Calgary would be a much less vibrant place to live. Ask your hyper-engaged friends if they think it is possible to

How To Help Your Teen Pick A High School

When I attended high school in the 1980s, I only had two choices — the “jock school” and the “stoner school,” as my best friend described them. Using some odd logic, my uni-versity-minded parents decided that the jock school was better academically so I went there. It didn’t make much difference. I turned out to be a lazy student with mediocre marks so when I graduated, I enrolled in a theatre program at the local community college. So what advice can a slacker dad like me offer his more ambiti

8 Tips for New Volunteers

You’ll be a more passionate and productive volunteer if you support a cause that’s close to your heart. If you are unsure where to get involved, take the time to explore different opportunities and find something you connect with. Are you a juggler, a roving consultant or a groupie? Volunteer Canada has created an online quiz to help Canadians learn more about their volunteer passions and preferences. Take the quiz at Opportunities like political campaigns have the potent

Suite Nothings: Restrictive covenant dashes laneway retirement house dreams

It was such a good plan: rezone our property to accommodate a secondary suite—a laneway house. Eventually, we would retire in a new, cosy home, with an attractive design and modern finishes. It would improve our property while bringing some needed renewal to Richmond Road. We’d be cutting-edge urbanists, living on-trend while “aging in place.” Our immediate neighbours liked the idea, and our community association had no objections. We applied for a land-use amendment to get zoning for a seconda